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SUSTAINera Reman Transmissions - 68RFE

Reasons why buying a remanufactured Mopar O.E. 68RFE transmission is the right choice.

SUSTAINera Reman Torque Converters

Reasons why buying remanufactured Mopar O.E. torque converters are the right choice.

SUSTAINera Reman Cummins Diesel Fuel Injectors

Parts chart for available remanufactured Cummins diesel fuel injectors - includes 6-pack part numbers!

SUSTAINera Reman Transfer Cases

Parts chart for remanufactured Mopar O.E. transfer case applications.

SUSTAINera Reman Transmissions - 62TE

Top 10 reasons why remanufactured Mopar O.E. 62TE transmissions are the right choice.

SUSTAINera Reman 3.6L V6 Engines

Parts chart for available remanufactured Mopar O.E. 3.6L engine applications.

Stellantis Family of Parts

Four exceptional parts solutions for every customer. At every stage of vehicle life and every price point.

SUSTAINera Reman Engine Availability Chart

New name - same reliable power. This chart details which Mopar and Cummins new and reman engine applications are available, including short blocks, long blocks and running complete engines with part numbers. Go with SUSTAINera Circular Economy for sustainable power.

SUSTAINera Reman Transmission Availability Chart

Chart detailing which new and remanufactured Mopar O.E. transmissions are available, including transmission type, sales code designations and part numbers.

Powertrain Warranty Process for Shops

Mopar® Powertrain Warranty Process for Dealer Sale to Independent Repair Facility

SUSTAINera Cummins Reman Engines - What's Included

What's included with Cummins reman short block, long blocks and running complete engines.

SUSTAINera Reman Long Block Engine Matrix - What's Included

When replacing an engine, it can be hard to make an apples-to-apples price comparison between Mopar and the aftermarket. Aftermarket manufacturers may quote a low price, but to get a true cost comparison, use this chart to make sure their price includes the same components that come included with the SUSTAINera Reman Long Block Engine.

SUSTAINera Reman Cummins Diesel Engines

Better than rebuilt, Cummins Diesel Engines and Components are fully remanufactured to O.E. specifications and standards with a focus on sustainability and responsibility. They’re right for business, and right for our world.

Warranty - Complete Mopar Parts & Accessories Limited Warranty Statement

The complete warranty statement covering Mopar, Magneti Marelli Offered by Mopar parts, and bproauto parts. Includes Mopar remanufactured powertrains, Cummins remanufactured diesel engines and components and SUSTAINera remanufactured parts

Mopar HEMI V8 Engines - Legendary Protection

Parts chart for HEMI V8 5.7L and 6.4L long block engines.

Warranty - Mopar Powertrain 3-Years/100,000-Mile Limited Warranty

Everything you need to know about the Mopar 3-Years/100,000-Mile Limited Warranty coverage in a quick reference chart. Includes overheat policy.

Sustainera Circular Economy Launch Announcement

Sustainera Circular Economy Launch Announcement

Understanding Your Options Reman Definitions

Understanding Your Options Reman Definitions Flyer

Mopar® Vs. The Aftermarket - Powertrain

Mopar engines and transmission are not repaired and are not rebuilt. They are remanufactured. That's a huge difference. That's The Mopar Difference. Use this proof-positive handout to show your customers why Mopar remanufactured powertrain parts are the right choice for their vehicles.